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Are you looking to improve your computer skills?

Our goal is help all Manitobans to improve confidence with computer and internet skills through short courses delivered in a trusted local environment.  

Our short nine hour courses will teach learners the following skills:

        • Basic computer skills
        • File management
        • Video calls
        • Email
        • Google Drive
        • Internet navigation
        • MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
        • Social media safety (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
        • Online job searching
        • Business communication
        • E-commerce
        • Presentation tools
        • Basic tablet skills

Are you a local support group who wants to bring this program to your community?

It is anticipated that having a basic understanding of computers and computer programs will enable individuals to gain not only digital skills such as email, texting or the internet, but also to develop the ability to comprehend and critically evaluate their role in online environments.

The potential to increase their opportunities to complete further education, access to employment opportunities and overall participation in the digital world are expected outcomes to both individuals and communities.

These sessions are free to all participants!

If you would like to partner with Tech Manitoba to bring free computer courses to your community or resource group, please contact Margaux Miller at or Paula Canas at

Contact Information:

Margaux Miller
Program Director, Tech Manitoba
Phone: 431-557-6644



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