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Pivot is a network of Manitoba schools and industry partners on a mission to inspire youth to pursue careers in tech. The first school in the Pivot network is Pembina Trails Early College (PTEC). For these students, workplace mentorship is important and often the first real-world experience in the workforce.  These workplace mentorships are helping prepare students and building a foundation for future work opportunities. The connections made between students and their workplace mentor provides guidance, support and a great opportunity for professional socialization. 


Meet our SkipTheDishes Mentors

Sean Habing, Information Security Analyst
As with many of us, Sean grew up surrounded by computers and technology. For him, a career in technology felt like a natural progression and he jokes that tech chose him! Sean completed his Computer Science degree at the University of Manitoba and has been working in the tech field for 16 years in many roles such as software development, project management, IT management, and IT audit. Today, Sean is an Information Security Analyst at SkipTheDishes.


Ribamar Santos, Senior Software Developer
While growing up in Brazil, Ribamar would sit quietly and watch his cousin work on his computer. Ribamar was much younger and did not have a computer at home so he was fascinated by everything he saw. When he finally got a computer of his own, he took the opportunity to teach himself how to install a new operating system and program the device to his liking. After going to school for Information Systems and Mobile Development, Ribamar spent a few years working in Brazil and gaining experience before moving to Canada. Today, Ribamar is a Senior Software Developer at SkipTheDishes.


Everton Morais, Software Developer
Ever since he was a child, Everton has been curious about how things work, especially software and computers. When he was 15, he taught himself basic software development and how to build web pages. Soon after, he began taking software development courses at his local technical college in Brazil. As a student by night and working to gain more work experience by day, Everton graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Software Architecture. Today, Everton is a Software Developer at SkipTheDishes


Meghan Cottrell, Senior Delivery Manager
All Meghan ever wanted to be when she grew up was a star on Saturday Night Live When she realized she may have to find a plan B and possibly a C tooMeghan started working at a Telecom company part time while figuring it all out and it was there she found a true passion for combining business and tech and never looked back. She realized in this role that her organizational skills and desire to make things better worked with business and technology to help the company succeed! Meghan grew into the role of Business Analyst and then branched out into more business function related roles learning and building her soft skills. After 15 years with that company Meghan had the amazing opportunity of bringing her experience to SkiptheDishes which was an organization that was growing like crazy and needed some organization and planning. Today, Meghan is a Senior Delivery Manager at ShipTheDishes 


Allen Unrau, Senior Network Engineer
Working with tech is the only thing Allen has ever wanted to do. It started with a childhood fascination with science fiction – he loved stories that were full of machines and gadgets that did things that were not possible in our world. Allen decided that the place he wanted to be was as close to that as possible. After graduating from Saskatchewan Polytechnic in 1992 with a diploma in Computer Engineering Technology, Allen eventually found his first career-path job at Red River College where he built their first Internet-connected classroom. Today, Allen is a Senior Network Engineer at SkipTheDishes.


Ezequiel Santana, Software Developer
Growing up in Brazil, Ezequiel’s primary school website caught his eye. He wondered, how did it work and who made it? After that day he decided he was going to learn how to build websites. Ezequiel learned how to develop programs, servers, and even games and graduated with a degree in Analysis and System Development. During this journey to learn more about programming languages, he realized he loves the tech world and being a developer. Today, Ezequiel is a Software Developer at SkipTheDishes.


Rafael Leite, Software Engineering Tech Lead
Rafael’s family bought their first computer when he was a teenager in Brazil and he was intrigued by programming and liked to learn how to build things. After graduating with a degree in Computer Science he moved to Sao Paulo to gain work experience with new platforms and coding languages. In 2018 Rafael joined SkipTheDishes, where he learned a lot about microservices and what it takes to run a high load, high availability platform. Today, Rafael is a Software Engineering Tech Lead at SkipTheDishes.


About SkipTheDishes

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