Pivot Mentor Partner – Laivly




Pivot is a network of Manitoba schools and industry partners on a mission to inspire youth to pursue careers in tech. The blended model of high school, post-secondary and workplace learning is designed to provide students with early and engaging experiences in the world of work. By building connections between academic work and industry, Pivot is helping to prepare students with the workplace skills required by employers. Our industry partners open their doors to students in the Pivot network to enrich learning through mentorship and hands-on experience.

Meet our Laivly Mentor

Katharine King, Junior Software Developer 

Katharine didn’t have much interest in computer science in high school but that changed by her third year of university after developing a passion for math and physics. Quickly, Katharine learned that computer science was an incredible tool that affects every aspect of our lives. Astronomers  program theoretical simulations of astrophysical phenomena. Environmental Scientists use mathematical modeling to predict where pollutants are being released. She realized she could help the world through coding and she never looked back. Katharine created and runs the first ‘University of Manitoba’s Women in Computer Science Student Group’ and she feels lucky to work for a company that supports her immensely and allows her to speak at schools across Winnipeg to encourage more youth into tech. Today, Katharine is a Junior Software Developer at Laivly. 

About Laivly 
Laivly is the technology behind the world’s biggest brands.  As a division of 24-7 Intouch that specializes in emerging technology, their team of data scientists, developers, and researchers are dedicated to creating unique solutions that pair human customer service with artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, and bot technology.  Follow @wearelaivly