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Pivot is a network of Manitoba schools and industry partners on a mission to inspire youth to pursue careers in tech. As one of our guiding principles, we know that work place learning is essential to enhancing students’ chances for success. Workplace mentorships are providing students in the Pivot network with direct exposure to professional in the tech field and building the connection from classroom to careers. Our mentor partners are guides on this new pathway and helping students build the soft-skills that employers seek. 


Meet our Red River Mutual Mentors


                                                Jan Sevilla, Leader, Development and Quality Assurance

Growing up during the rise of technology, you could say Jan followed in his dad’s footsteps. His dad was a systems analyst (retired now) working with mainframe computers. Hearing him talk about how machines help people made Jan interested in the whole field. In university, Jan quickly realized that being a software developer was his true calling. Fast forward a few years – Jan now leads a team of software developers and QA analysts, responsible for the development and delivery of Red River Mutual’s software implementation. Today, Jan is a Leader of Development and Quality Assurance at Red River Mutual.


Michael Lunin, Senior Developer

Growing up, Michael was very interested in psychology and psychoanalysis and he started working with computers because he found that their algorithms and models were very similar to the processes taking place in human consciousness. Michael has worked in several different industries including game development, health care, and medical equipment. Today, Michael is a Senior Developer at Red River Mutual.


About Red River Mutual
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