Meet 4 Tech Manitoba members inspiring students to pursue careers in tech!

At Tech Manitoba we are proud of the way our members build up our tech community. Social distancing hasn’t stopped them from staying engaged, and many are making the most of virtual networks to connect and build relationships.

Take, for example, Pivot. This Tech Manitoba initiative connects high school, post-secondary education and the tech industry to inspire Manitoba youth to pursue careers in tech. The goal is to prepare students with the skills required to succeed and thrive in the highly competitive and growing technology industry.

We wanted to take this opportunity to showcase a few of our members who have been connecting virtually to connect with Pivot students from Pembina Trails Early College (PTEC), over the past few months.

Ron Cantiveros, Aplin Information Technology

“Build your network before you need it.”

Ron spoke to the PTEC Life Works class, focusing on job searching skills. Students benefitted from his experience in key curriculum areas of resume building, career development, and interviewing. Drawing on his own 20 years in business and the experience of his broad network Ron encouraged students to begin growing their own networks early, to reach out to mentors who can help guide their career, and to always stay curious and keep growing.


Eddie Phillips, Shield Networks Inc.

“It’s not IF you get attacked by a cybersecurity threat. It’s WHEN and how bad.”

Eddie’s 20+ years’ experience in IT provided ample opportunity to connect the cybersecurity theories taught in their curriculum with real-world examples. He spoke to students about the rising importance of cybersecurity for all businesses, showcased examples of phishing, ransomware, social engineering and other common cyber threats, and provided tips for prevention and recovery.


Jess Hildebrand and Sergei Belialov, Ubisoft

“If you think that a software development day is just 8 hours of coding…no. There’s a lot of stuff going on!” – Sergei

Jess and Sergei introduced students to their role as Tools Programmers, building internal tools to help designers and artists get their ideas into games as quickly and effortlessly as possible. They participated in a great Q&A, answering student’s questions about the ins and outs of finding a job and working in game development.


Paulo Fernandes, Luscious Orange

“There’s lots of ways to make money, but only if you actually enjoy it”

As the co-founder of Winnipeg agency Luscious Orange, Paulo shared his insights on entrepreneurship, winding career paths, and good habits. He encouraged students to narrow their focus by recognizing what things they hate, rather than trying to find the one thing they enjoy most and gave students an inside look into entrepreneurship in Winnipeg’s tech field.


Today, every company uses tech in some form, and Winnipeg has a growing need for tech professionals. Direct foreign recruitment can solve this problem for today, however finding ways to develop our home-grown talent provides a more sustainable model for the future.

Thank you to all our industry partners who have taken up the task of building virtual connections and enriching the learning experience of the students. Your insights and experience are providing Winnipeg’s up and coming tech talent with an insider view on what it really means to be a part of Manitoba’s tech community!

If you’re interested in getting involved with Pivot please contact