Tech Manitoba aims to increase digital literacy among non-tech K-12 teachers to improve their skills and methods of reaching learning outcomes in the classroom.

Teachers are the cornerstones to success in the 21st Century workforce.  By educating teachers in how to use and leverage technology tools, and adapt to new ways of learning, we will achieve a one-to-many impact across the education system. We are offering free workshops and professional development days for educators. Continue reading below for links to upcoming sessions.


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What Skills:

  • Digital Responsibility (personal health & safety)
  • Computational Thinking (problem solving, STEM, coding)
  • Collaborative Classrooms (teams, soft skills)
  • Innovating Pedagogy (sparking curiosity, investigation, and discovery)
  • Life Skills & Workforce Preparation (cooperative work integration)
  • Student-led Learning (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication)
  • Connecting Guardians and Schools (trust, transparency, participation)
  • Emerging Technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence)

Project Impact:

This project will provide opportunities for teachers to develop digital literacy skills which will create a multiplier effect in the schools and communities where they teach. As teachers become more proficient in their skills, they will be able to apply what they’ve learned in their classrooms to create experiential learning opportunities for their students. In addition, the program encourages peer-to-peer learning by developing teachers’ skills in using online collaboration tools. Teachers will better understand how their subject area is affected by digital literacy and they will be able to use some digital tools to teach a wide variety of topics.



Maple, Manitoba Education and Training’s private professional network, has provided safe and secure access to shared content to more than 7,000 teachers, administrators, clinicians, resource teachers and pre-service teachers in schools across Manitoba since 2013.


More than ever, the need to know your way around online collaboration and teaching tools is paramount. DigitAll has moved our professional development sessions online and are providing specific focus on Microsoft Teams for Education and Google for Education. These software suites provide a platform for teachers, students and parents to engage and interact remotely.  

Many schools have been using collaborative classroom tools with students for years now, but COVID-19 has brought the need to use these tools to everyone’s doorstep. Our highly qualified instructors highlight the common features and functions of the software and provide practical examples of how these tools can be best used for instruction, content management, and collaboration.  

In addition, we are conducting sessions aimed at parents of school-aged children who are using these tools for home-based learning. Parents will be shown how the tools work and how to best support students as the way they learn evolves and incorporates more online tools. 

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