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Think about your own path to tech success. No matter how hard you worked or how smart you are, success rarely happens in a vacuum. Mentorship is a wonderful way to provide keen and passionate students a unique opportunity to develop and expand their skills.

Additionally, your role as a mentor will contribute to building a sustainable and robust local technology talent pool as you showcase the best of your organization to Manitoba’s future tech professionals.

Can’t wait to get involved? Whether you’re a tech company executive or an industry specialist with only a few years under your belt, you and your company can help ensure students in the Pivot Network benefit from your expertise.

Mentorship opportunities are varied and fall in the following categories:

  • Speaker in the classroom (one-hour presentation about your career and career path to grade 9 students)
  • Tours (lead tours of your company’s tech department)
  • Provide workplace mentorship for five ½ days in March (one mentor to a small group of grade 10 students). This option entails a structured one-day certified mentor training program that is easily transferable as professional development for your own workplace purposes.

We’re flexible. Whether you have just a few hours to invest or are able to offer a more substantial commitment feel confident that your participation is contributing towards our sector’s talent pipeline.

The response from our membership base is gratifying, with tech leaders stepping up to help students succeed. They know homegrown talent is a must, and they’re doing great work in imparting knowledge in meaningful ways. We encourage all our Tech Manitoba members to get involved, creating a win-grow environment for all.”

Kathy Knight, CEO

 Tech Manitoba


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