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Expand’s coaching starts with an exploratory call with our program expert to determine eligibility. During this initial complimentary meeting, founders will have the opportunity to review their pitch and discuss their immediate goals.

Once your readiness has been determined and your business has been signed up, founders will undergo six personalized coaching sessions in preparation of seeking and securing capital.

Introducing Tech Manitoba’s Expand Coaching Program

Expand is Tech Manitoba’s new coaching program available to our members and Canadian start-ups providing customized support in accessing venture capital. Whether your business is in the ideation phase, ready to go to market or primed to scale, this one-to-one mentorship program is designed to expand your professional horizons and unlock your full market potential.

During this eight-week program, we provide:

  • One-to-one mentorship with our in-house Venture Capital expert
  • Customized coaching tailored to your organization’s development stage, business goals and products
  • Personalized outlines of actionable steps you’ll need to ensure market-readiness
  • Individualized protocol to prepare you for meeting investors
  • Introduction to potential investors

Start Up Journey

Tech Manitoba to Expand

Going to Market

  • A product people want
    MVP shortcuts
  • Doing things that don’t scale
  • Looking for early signs of product Market fit

Building a Pitch Deck

  • The problem you’re tackling
  • Why should people care
  • The clear narrative
  • Addressable market
  • Founding team

Identifying Investors

  • How to choose the right investors
  • The right stage
  • Accelerators
  • Decoding investors
  • Listing investors

Raising Capital Workflow Part 1

  • Rules of the game
  • How to message investors
  • The #1 Job
  • The first meeting
  • Tricky terms
  • How to apply fomo

Raising Capital Workflow Part 2

  • Turning the rules of the game upside down
  • Setting deadlines
  • Parallel conversations
  • Hand shake agreement
  • Closing the round

The long term strategy

  • Turning No’s into Yes’s
  • You are always raising
  • The conversations matter

Not every founder requires the same level of mentorship at each stage of their entrepreneurial journey. This personalized coaching program will identify and focus on the areas your business will benefit from mentorship the most, such as product development and market readiness or the final steps towards raising capital, ensuring the program has the greatest positive impact on your organization’s success.

The Ideal Candidate

We encourage all organizations with a marketable product and strong potential to apply for this valuable coaching program. The ideal candidate for the EXPAND program will fit this criteria:

At the end of the program,
founders will have:


A roadmap of early indicators that assess market fit


Perfected a pitch deck, including a compelling brand story that illustrates the value and distinguishing features of your business


A clear guide for identifying and approaching the best investors for your business


Plans and workflows that guide through the cycles of raising capital


A long-term strategy for the continued success of your business

Investing in
Your Success

Tech Manitoba Member $1,000
Non-member - $3,000

We are pleased to offer Tech Manitoba members an exclusive, generously subsidized rate for their participation in Expand, in support of their long-term entrepreneurial success.

Not a member, yet?

You still have the opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits Tech Manitoba membership entails, including this incredible discount. Join the largest, most well-established association in the Province today, and gain exclusive access to the Expand program’s members rate as well as Tech Manitoba’s diverse business support opportunities.


Since 2018, our team has worked with 120+ start-ups, raising over $200 million in sales and investment for our members. Our flagship program, Tech West Canada, also supported 200 companies at 15 international events, securing over $400 million in sales and investments.

Expand is led by Program Manager, Juliano Goulart, the founder of Reclamao and Moxchat, the latter of which was ultimately sold to Jivochat. Participants will benefit from Juliano’s valuable insights gained from experience securing funds for the scaling of his own businesses as well as his demonstrable background in business development and venture capital acquisition.


“I would like to give a big shout out and thanks to the VTA and Juliano Goulart for their support. Going into business and wearing 10 different hats is very challenging. But while going through the program I was given information and suggestions that really helped the business. We were able to Pivot the business with good success and also cost-effective ways to expand as a company.”

“…The assistance provided to TrafficDriven Technologies Inc. through the Virtual Trade Accelerator program and our Program Manager, Juliano Goulart, enabled us to complete a significant part of our digital marketing projects and grow our company. As a result, we were able to plan and execute a targeted strategy and define financial gain including raising a pre-seed round of $580,000 and onboard additional 25 consumers, representing a committed annual revenue of nearly $500,000. We are grateful for the support provided by the program, advancing our marketing strategy and securing the deals outlined above.”

“Juliano has been invaluable in my search to finding a system to raise capital for my company. He is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. He has a masterful knack for knowing when to invoke these skills to bring clarity and focus on matters that are important. As a successful entrepreneur himself, he has an incredible ability to demystify the inner workings of fund raising and translate questions/doubt into logical, always understandable processes, and resources, tactics, and application guidance I need to properly market our company to potential investors.    Juliano has perfected his ability to form interpersonal connections with his clients, making them feel like his friend. Afterall, this is what an incredibly talented and a natural coach does. His uplifting, positive, and fun personality makes it easy to open up to and wonderful to work with.”

“Juliano Goulart took us from zero to investor ready in 5 meetings. Our journey started from scratch and each step was perfectly guided, with examples, templates and expert advice. I highly recommend his program to any entrepreneur who wants to open the doors to a greater opportunity that you imagined. Expert, experienced guidance is the key. Juliano was excellent, his positive attitude and encouragement made us excited for each meeting.”

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