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Tech Manitoba is the voice for organizations working in tech or that rely on technology to fuel their operations and growth.  By joining Tech Manitoba, you become part of a larger community, one that prioritizes building valuable connections, encourages business growth and promotes individual success. We are making a positive difference building strong talent pipelines and advocating on behalf of our members. 

Top 10 reasons to

join Tech Manitoba

Top 10

1 - Grow your professional network

  • It's important who you know
  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Build valuable relationships and make friends
  • 2 - Training and upskilling opportunities

  • Access customized professional development

  • 3 - Increase visibility

  • Present at a Tech Mash-Up or Ask Me Anything to share your expertise
  • Mentor the next generation of tech professionals by becoming a mentor
  • Newsletter profiles, enhance your creditability, be seen as a leader

  • 4 - Access Manitoba’s tech talent pool

  • Post jobs on our website and get shared on Tech Manitoba’s social media
  • Connect with fresh talent through in events, mentorship and public speaking

  • 5 - Keep up with Manitoba’s tech sector

  • Professional development for you and your employees, broaden your knowledge
  • We share tech news and opportunities with our community
  • We bring interesting and innovative thought leaders to our community
  • 6 - Expand into new markets

  • Participate in select global events for a reduced cost
  • Introductions to industry partners in our local, national and international network
  • Deep knowledge of government supports and programs

  • 7 - Drive change in the Tech Sector

  • Memberships contribute to gender parity, digital literacy, digital access and more
  • Join a committee that is working towards radically affecting positive change
  • Give back to the community. Be seen as a person/company who makes a difference
  • Women in Tech - affect future leaders through mentorship and encourage youth

  • 8 - Exclusive member events

  • Attend invite-only events with the movers and shakers of Manitoba Tech
  • Discounts for all our signature events such as Disrupted and The Innovators

  • 9 - Reliable support network

  • We have supported the western Canada tech industry for over 15 years. We are knowledgeable, highly connected and tireless in our efforts to expand and diversify the tech industry and to enhance accessibility for all Manitobans

  • 10 - Have a voice in the tech community

  • We're at the table with government and policymakers to advocate for the sector
  • Collective power in our networks, together, we can affect change

  • Manitoba-based employees Membership type Annual rate
    1-2 Start ups and sole proprietors $250
    3-10 Bronze $400
    11-50 Silver $800
    N/A Affiliate $1,000
    51-250 Gold $1,500
    251+ Platinum $3,000
    n/a Educational Institute $1,200