The Technology Association of Manitoba, is on a mission to showcase Manitoba's innovation and grow the province's tech sector. Through collaboration, education and promotion, we bring people together to share skills, explore ideas and build a strong community. With over 130 corporate members, TECH MANITOBA represents over 10,000 employees and is the primary industry association.



Tech West Canada delegates are ready to do business on an international scale and are realizing their potential across markets and sectors.

Canada is becoming a major player in innovation. Global brands with a market pull for technology solutions are recognizing the value in partnering with Canadian companies. Companies that have worked with Tech West Canada are realizing their potential across markets and sectors. Tech West Canada works with tech companies in Western Canada to accelerate access to markets and increase sales using international technology events.

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We work with women in tech, employers, educators, students, and influencers to help make gender parity the new norm.

Maven is a new community that strives to promote gender parity in the tech sector. TECH MANITOBA has strived for over a decade to encourage girls to take an interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers and to support women in these fields. We are now launching a new platform to strengthen efforts to achieve parity in tech. Share ideas, stay up to date with the latest in innovation, equality, and keep track of all the exciting events happening in the industry.

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DigitALL aims to increase the overall participation by Canadians in the digital economy by offering accessible programming

Our goal is to increase digital literacy and improve technology skills across Manitoba. Program delivery will be focused on individuals from under-represented groups and those living in under-served locations.

This program is facilitated by TECH MB, the Information and Communication Technologies Association of Manitoba. TECH MB is a not-for-profit, membership-based association representing Manitoba’s technology sector. They deliver programs and services to ensure our tech sector grows and thrives on both a local and international level.

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SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER - Resolute technology Solutions

QUALITY ASSURANCE ANALYST - Pinnacle Technology Recruitment

INFORMATION SECURITY SPECIALIST - Pinnacle Technology Recruitment


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Designing Privacy with Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Designing Privacy with Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Sometimes it takes a few years (and a few careers) to figure out what you want to do with your life. Dr. Ann Cavoukian knew at an early age, and she’s now one of the world’s foremost experts in her field. After working for years as the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Cavoukian made the Privacy by Design framework ... Read More ...

Protegra Co-Founder Wins Award

Protegra Co-Founder Wins Award

At today’s Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce annual general meeting, Protegra co-founder (and Tech Manitoba member) Wadood Ibrahim was given the Volunteer of the Year award! Protegra is a community of software-driven businesses which provide innovative solutions to individuals and organizations. Ibrahim and his staff of 50 have been helping his “Protegrans” (clients) around the world for over 20 years from ... Read More ...

Dispatch Integration is a Top New Growth Company

Dispatch Integration is a Top New Growth Company

We’re thrilled to share that one of our members, Dispatch Integration, has been recognized as one of Canada’s top new growth companies by the Startup 50! Canadian Business and Maclean’s base the Startup 50’s rankings on two-year revenue growth, and as Dispatch has succeeded in growing 483%, it’s an incredible achievement, one worthy of being included on this prestigious list. ... Read More ...

Mitacs Can Help You Solve Your R&D Challenges

Mitacs Can Help You Solve Your R&D Challenges

What keeps your company from innovating? Do you lack the required expertise in house? Is your budget tight? Do you lack state-of-the-art technology? ...



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Thank-you to all who fought that we may live as free, proud, grateful Canadians.

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