Quarterly report on Manitoba's tech labour market

This labour market research, that we commissioned, captures critical economic and labour market indicators can be used to inform competitive business planning, strong human resource strategies and decision-making related to the TECH MANITOBA sector. This research forms the foundation for driving the development of a more prosperous Canadian TECH MANITOBA sector, and a highly-skilled workforce able to compete in the global digital economy.

Quarterly Report

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Report to the community 2019
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Fast Facts on Winnipeg’s growing tech sector (from Economic Development Winnipeg)
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'Digital' is not an industry. It isn't a strategy. It's an essential tactic that should be embedded into every industry. The competitive advantage of any Canadian company will be connected to its digital advantage. - Tobias Lutke

How do we create more billion-dollar digital Canadian companies?
A Report on Digital Industries from Canada’s Economic Strategy Tables (Sept 2018)
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Talent Renumeration

  • What should I pay my staff?
  • How does this number compare to similar jobs across the province? Across the country?

This great resource from ICTC (Information and Communications Technology Council) answers all those questions and more.

Compare those numbers to research from 2015 to see how much the sector has grown:

Brief: Manitoba's Tech Workforce
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Compensation in Manitoba's Tech Workforce
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IdeaLab: Training for a Tech Workforce
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See how Canadian cities compare with cities in the States with this North America Tech Talent Analyzer from CBRE.

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